One of the most primal and gorgeous materials, wood is always an amazing option to spruce up your home and take your decor game to the next level. Whether you prefer a more vintage look or prefer a modern vibe, there is a never-ending selection of wood features that will make great additions to your spaces. 

From wood mantles to reclaimed wood statement pieces, there are countless options to incorporate with existing pieces you may have. With a variety of finishes, species, and hues, there is no better time than now to add a wood piece or accent to your space. Follow along belong to see some ideas for adding wood features that will instantly liven up your home. 

Reclaimed Wood

A cost-effective and sustainable option, reclaimed wood has always been a great choice for homeowners looking to add a unique statement to their home. Reclaimed pieces are also about 40 times sturdier than virgin wood, ensuring a long-lasting sense of durability for your space. 

Some reclaimed features can include beams, shelves, and coffee tables. If you have high ceilings or are looking to add a more lodge-like feel to your home, reclaimed wood beams are a great choice. Coming in a variety of finishes, washes, and wood types, beams can incorporate flawlessly into almost any space.

For those looking for a less labor-intensive feature, side tables and shelves are great options. Not only extremely durable, but these reclaimed accent pieces can also add a sense of texture and make for a great focal point. 

Kitchen Options

Another great place to add wood accents is the kitchen. When shopping for pieces to add to your kitchen, be sure to opt for pieces that are stain-resistant and durable.

Though some have deemed wood cabinets outdated, they still can make for a warm and cozy addition if done correctly. Wood can accomplish a modern, rustic, or vintage feel depending on the species and finish. Some popular wood species for kitchen cabinets are oak, hickory, and cherry.

Another great option for your kitchen can be a wood butcher’s block. An inexpensive way to add an interesting touch to your kitchen, the butcher block can make a great material choice for an island or countertops. Usually stain-resistant and easy to look after, butcher’s blocks are a great way to add a sense of warmth to your kitchen. 

Perfect For Storage

A perfect way to add stylish storage to your space, wood bookshelves, cabinets, and closets are a great option to spruce up your space. Coming in a variety of shapes and sizes, wood storage pieces are the perfect container for your valuables. 

Have a more retro-style home? Maybe try out a wood hutch that can add height and intrigue to your home. Want something more modern? Opt for lightly finished wood bookshelves that make for a great container for your items. 

Wood shelves and storage are also a popular DIY project for many eager homeowners. Whether you are an experienced woodworker or just starting, handmade storage pieces are loads of fun to make and look great when finished.

Mantel Ideas 

Whether you opt for a fireplace or range hood, wood mantels can add a cozy touch to your home. More decorative than functional, wood mantels can enhance a certain piece to make it a focal point of your home. 

Because the area above fireplaces can look bare or unfinished, many homeowners opt for a wood mantel that accents the colors found in their fireplace. When choosing the right mantel for your fireplace, remember to consider the species of wood you choose since it must be able to withstand heat and other elements. 

The flat area of the mantel allows homeowners to place objects such as photos, trophies, and candles on top. Use this decorative space to add even more of a focal point to your home. 

Keep it Small 

If you are on a budget or do not want to put in the time, there are plenty of small wood pieces that you can explore. From wood placards to wooden spheres, there are plenty of options to perfectly fit your home. 

A tad smaller than coffee tables, wood end tables can make for great additions to your living room, bedroom, or entryways. If you are looking to add interesting eye-catching detail, add an end table with an interesting stem—many are carved in spherical and geometric ways. These subtle statement pieces make for great additions to your home without having to spend a lot. 

Small pieces such as picture frames can also make for great additions to your home. Depending on the aesthetic of the particular room, a wooden picture frame will make for the vessel to house your special memories.

Whether you are looking to completely reimagine your home or just add an interesting focal point to your space, wood pieces can make for great additions to your home. Spanning from practical to decorative, wood has and will always be a classic material to incorporate into our home. 

The most popular species for wood pieces are oak, pine, and maple—though these often change and depend largely on the area of the home. No matter what species or finish you choose, wood will make for an interesting material to incorporate. Though many view wood as an outdated relic of the past, if used correctly and intentionally, it will make for a perfectly modern and personal addition to your home. 

Many homeowners nowadays are opting for painted wood finishes that can instantly modernize a certain space. Paired with the right accents or decorations, wood pieces will certainly enhance that space you have been thinking about updating. 

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