It will nice to decorate your stair with Christmas elements. You well need evergreens, bulbs, string lights, garland, or other accessories to spruce up your staircase. Decorating a staircase in a Christmas theme is not hard. However, you need to be more creative and patient because it will need more time. In this section, we are going to show you more ideas to design your staircase for Christmas. Let us check them out further below!

Vintage Red and White

Vintage red and white

Get more colors for your staircase with this vintage red and white decoration. Jut take evergreens and combine with red elements from shocks and or gifts. This simple decoration will never look old because Christmas is about red and green.

Decorate in Rustic Feeling

Decorate in rustic feeling

Hang evergreens in a railing will be so beautiful. In this picture, the owner of this house adds dried orange flowers and plaid ribbons to get a great combination. The staircase appears in a rustic feel to welcome the holiday.

Combine Evergreen and Gold

Combine evergreen and gold

The staircase appears elegant with evergreens and gold combination. When you don’t have many times to decorate your staircase, this idea might fit your needs. We love the wallpaper as well that spruce up the staircase decoration.

Red Bows and Baubles For Staircase

Red bows and baubles for staircase

What a simple decoration is this! The decorator pairs red bows and bubbles to get a more modern staircase design. Whatever your staircase design is, this Christmas decoration will never make you upset. Furthermore, it will not need much time.

Use Your Collectible Christmas

Use your collectible christmas

It doesn’t matter to display your Christmas ornament collections to decorate your staircase. In this picture, we see evergreens, artworks, a toy car, and other elements related to Christmas for a staircase decoration. Then, the result looks so cool.

Greenery Decoration is Enough

Greenery decoration is enough

Even just evergreens will liven up your staircase design. It brings a natural tone to your home. Combine with different patterned shocks to show a Christmas feel. No need for other accessories but spread out the greenery around the house will be so much better.

Christmas Decorations With Mugs

Christmas decorations with mugs

A dark-colored staircase will work well with anything. In this picture, the staircase looks nice with greenery and mugs garland. You are free to add other Christmas elements to this decoration as well. Give a name tag in each mug to give more personal touch. Feel free to decide the mug’s color as your desire.


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