Oh, Jewelry.. We all love wearing it. Putting it away and keeping it organized though is another story altogether. One of the most difficult situations that arises when you start collecting unique jewelry of course is the issue of storage. If you don’t have a way to organize them, they quickly get lost, tangled or broken. You could buy a commercial jewelry organizer, but those can be pricey and it can be hard to find one that really fits your style. The best solution to this is to simply make your own jewelry organizer! Check out these smart and easy ways to make DIY jewelry organizer.

Geometric Industrial Wall Jewelry Organizer

Source : Made In A Day

This project uses a variety of steel pipe sizes as a hanging place for jewelry. You can make various geometric motifs on wood with the help of blue painter tape.

Cabinet Hardware Jewelry Organizer

This eclectic piece offers plenty of space for all your baubles. Dangly earrings hang off handles, bracelets wrap over knobs, and rings fill cup drawer pulls flipped upside down.

Faux Vintage China Jewelry Display

Source : Craft A Doodle Doo

Here is the faux vintage china jewelry display. Just imagine these beautiful vintage dishes holding your jewelry on the wall next to your closet. They are all cute and easy to make.

Hideaway Jewelry Storage

Source : Shanty 2 Chic

This is a great jewelry storage project. Not only is it easy and relatively cheap, you get enough room to store all of your jewelry and then some. Plus, the mirror is good for trying on jewelry to make sure that it matches what you’re wearing.

Chicken Wire Jewelry Organizer

Source : Lydi Out Loud

This is a great project and one that gives you room to store all of your jewelry in one place. Chicken wire for your earrings, hooks for your necklaces and a small shelf for your rings.

Cork Board Jewelry Display

This is another function of the cork board. The metallic colors used make it look glowing, you can also make it with other colors you like. Mount the hooks as dowel buffers at the bottom of the display as bracelet holder.

Copper Pipe Jewelry Organizer

The curved shape of copper plumbing hardware is a perfect substitute for a traditional look. We love how the faded finish tames the rich teal color of the painted wood pallet.

Pebbles Jewelry Organizer

Source : Find A Way By JWP

This jewelry organizer is a smart way to bring mother nature into the house. There are various shapes and sizes of pebbles that you can use to create this organizer. Painted or not, the options are endless.

Rustic Barn Wood Jewelry Holder

Here an ultra rustic piece of wood has been utilized to organize the items of jewelry ins a style! All you need is to add some hooks on your selected piece of wood, like done here.

Dishes Jewelry Stand

Install amazing jewelry storage systems also with dollar store items. It will be an en every thrifty way to organize your jewelry clutters and beautiful addition to your dressing table. Reclaimed candlesticks holds the dishes for multi-tiered levels, a cheap way to gain stylish jewelry organizers!

Twig Jewelry Display

Source : Gadora Wilder

This nature-inspired display comes together with just a few copper wire or strings. Once you get the artful shape, start using it as an antique jewelry display.

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