Decorating a home with plants is not only a hobby but also a useful thing to do. It gives a natural effect and adds fresh air. Then, creating planters will add a personal touch to your home decor. You don’t have to be an expert in DIY to do this. With a little creativity, you will change your home decoration instantly. In this article, we are going to show you homemade planters that are budget-friendly but chic.

Color Block Wooden Centerpieces

Color block wooden centerpieces


Get some wooden boards and cut them in any size based on your need. Then, shape them into some blocks. Paint with acrylic paints to get charming looks. In this picture, the creator uses the wooden color block pots as centerpieces.

Artistic Woven Beads

Look at these funky chevron patterns that anyone will love. It is an artistic piece that will improve your home decoration. See how white and brightly-colored beads look awesome on the table with a beautiful plant on it. What do you think?

Awesome Mid-Century Mod

See how awesome these mid-century planters. You can create them one by one when you have free time. Look at the pastel-colored pots that stand well on the wooden base. Those are totally eye-catching to be put on a corner.

Rustic Planters

In this picture, we have a great rustic planter that anyone will wish to have. Look at the pot that covered well with a rope. You need to have a tin, hot glue, and rope to create this cool rustic planter. The cacti on it look more interesting.

Colorful Miniature Planters

This is a super cool craft that will trigger your kids’ creativity as well. See the colors that are cool enough to be put in the kid’s room. Those miniature planters are made of egg cups. Can you realize it?

Industrial Magnetic Spice Tin

If you an old tin, repurpose it as a planter would be a great idea. Change its appearance by cleaning out the residue. Then, paint it with your desire color. By using hot glue, assemble magnets to the back of it. Hang it on the wall or any place you want.

Concrete Planter With Silver Leaf

Give a silver touch on your concrete block will directly spruce it up. See this concrete planter with a silver leaf that looks so calm and interesting. You can put it on the coffee table to upgrade your living room decoration.

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