Having the new decoration for your home doesn’t always about buying new stuff and changing all of your furniture and ornament. You can simply do the furniture update by adding this and that to your furniture. Or, doing the repainting and refurnishing will also really give the new look for the furniture. Is it enough for your whole redecoration project? Sure! Since furniture is the thing that dominates your home, then simply having the furniture update can give such a big impact on your home decoration changing. There is some furniture that possible to be given with the update as follows.

Seating Update

The kind of seating is really varied. It could be the wooden chair, plastic armchair, sofa, bench, etc. Each of the seating update treatments must be different. For example, you can repaint or refurnish your wooden and plastic chair, but you can not do that for your sofa. For the sofa and other kinds of chairs that have the pad, you can add it with the cover.

Floral Chair Pad from Hgtv

Wooden Chair Pad from Decoist

DIY Bold Chair Pad from Shelterness

Grey Chair Pad from Shelterness

Patterned Chair Pad from Shelterness

Blue Paint Sofa from Homebnc

White Paint Chair from Stylemotivation

Green Chair Pad from Stylemotivation

Paint Chairs from Hometalk

Red and Blue Chair Pad from Shelterness

Striped  Chair Pad from Shelterness

Patterned Cover Chair from Shelterness

DIY Chairs Cover from Architectureartdesigns

Blue Chair Cover from Architectureartdesigns

Table Update

For the table, besides doing the tablecloth changing, you can also repaint and refurnish it. You may also stick wallpaper to the table that has waterproof material. Or, simply decorate it with stickers that have a matching theme to the surrounding decoration theme is also worth it. In case you have painting skills, then, we also recommend you to paint it yourself. It will be great to have the table with the perfect look based on your taste and creativity.

Floral Table Wallpaper from Shelterness

Blue Floral Coffee Table Wallpaper from Shelterness

Makeup Table Wallpaper from Shelterness

White Washi Tape Coffee Table from Littlepieceofme

Colorful Washi Tape Table Update from Littlepieceofme

Flower Table Sticker from Littlepieceofme

Colorful Dining Table from Royaldesignstudio

Blue Paint Table from Smartfundiy

Whit Paint Coffee Table from Decoist

Ombre Console Table from Homebnc

Striped Table Wallpaper from Wonderfuldiy

Geometric Vinyl Table Top from Wonderfuldiy

Geometric Painted Table from Designsponge

Cabinet Update

The cabinet update ways won’t be too far from the table. You can paint it, recoloring it, refurnishing it, or simply stick wallpaper into it. Anyway, for the cabinet, you can still do another treatment like adding the hook, installing an additional rack or cabinet separator, etc.

Painting Cabinet from Diyncrafts

Geometric Cabinet Wallpaper from Hgtv

Black and White Cabinet Wallpaper from Mydesiredhome

Open Cabinet Wallpaper from Mydesiredhome

Blue Paint Small Cabinet from Mydesiredhome

Bird Cabinet Wallpaper from Mydesiredhome

Colorful Cabinet Wallpaper from Deavita

White Paint Cabinet from Diyjoy

Light Blue Cabinet from Hgtv

Blue Paint Cabinet from Thespruce

Grey Paint Cabinet from Hgtv

White Cabinet Wallpaper from Shelterness

Patterned Cabinet Wallpaper from Shelterness

Those three things are the possible furniture that you can treat yourself to have the furniture update in a cheap way. Of course, that will be great if you can do other furniture update ideas besides those three furniture like the bed, kitchen island, and more. You can adjust the treatment based on the furniture characteristic.

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