If you need a new decor for your space without spend much money, then a DIY project is the best option for your tiny home. All you need is only a simple will to make it on your own and a great imagination to make something that you need. You can also get some inspiration from the internet or any DIY magazines to help you get the best tutorial that you need.

DIY Rugs

Diy rug

DIY Projects

This DIY rugs is very easy to make. You can make this projects only with some upcycled fabric from your home and sew them to be a rugs.

DIY Mason Jar Craft

Diy mason jar craft

DIY Projects

This DIY project give your mason jar a new life. Your old mason jar can turn into a beautiful and vintage pendant lighting.

DIY Handmade Mug

Write some inspirational words or paint your mug with permanent marker to make your mug different than other. You can use it as a decoration for your space or even as a gift for your special one.

DIY Macrame Lawn Chair

This Macrame chair is great for your outdoor or backyard. All you need to do is just adding a new webbing to your macrame chair and you are ready to face the spring from your outdoor space.

DIY Chalkboard Paint

To create a surface playground space for your kids with inexpensive DIY project, this Chalkboard paint project is the best idea for you to make. This project can be used as your kid’s creative space or even a ‘to-do-list board’ for your kitchen. And the best thing about it is you can mix your own chalkboard paint with any color that you want, so it still can combine easily with your theme.

DIY Thin Lantern

This thin lantern project will work great as your garden decor, centerpieces or even as a gift. The material that you need is so easy; hammer, towel, marker, nail or screw, tin can or tin bucket, LED light or candle and water- and yes, it is one of the craft DIY project that only need under $5, so cheap.

DIY Macrame Dinner

DIY Macrame Dinner

DIY Projects

Macrame is a piece of artwork that is so simple. And this project is good to beautify your empty blank space.

DIY Photo Transfer Coasters

All you need is only a wood square, modge podge, towel or rag, paint brush and a stuff card and you are ready to make your own photo transfer. Choose a picture with contrast to get the best possible transfer.

DIY Pom-Pom Push Pin

There are so many ways to make pom-pom nowadays. You can make it with fork or now there is also a pom-pom maker. This DIY project is good to add some color to your ‘to-do list board’ at home.

DIY Necklace Holder

Another good idea to store and organize your necklace collection.

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