They are small but have many advantages. Yes, they are clothespins. You can have the clothespins either for decoration or organizer. For the decoration, since it will be hard for you to find it at the store, then you can have it by doing the DIY craft decoration projects. You can find the ideas of unconventional DIY craft by using wood clothespins down below. Are you new to doing DIY? here are some tips to get you started.

Wood Clothespins Pendant Lamp

You can do this gorgeous idea of wood clothespins for a pendant lamp at home with your family member. Create five different layers of wood clothespins like on the picture with different amount of clothespins on each layer. Besides, you can also have fewer layers to make it simpler or taller to make it gorgeous while hanging. Last, it will give you a beautiful shadow when it is turned on.

Simple Organizer For Two Wooden Clothespins

Simple organizer for two wooden clothespins Unconventional DIY Craft Ideas You Can Do With Wood Clothespins


When your earbuds cable is getting tangled up, this simple headphone organizer of two wooden clothespins is the best solution for you. You can just glue the pins together facing opposite directions. Besides, you also can decorate and paint it as you want to have more details.

Wood Clothespins Card Holder And Backdrop

First, you may collect a lot of wooden clothespins. It is around 200 pieces. After that, find your push pins, a corkboard, clothesline, and different colors of spray paint. It is useful as a backdrop and also a cardholder for your party. Besides, in your home, you can put your photos there while in your office you can put the working notes.

Circle Clothespins

This circle clothespins role as a picture holder on your wall while I imagine this could be also as one of wall clock design. This arrangement of clothespins in a circle creates a pretty and unique presentation compare to the others. Besides clothespins, the materials you need are only a pair of scissors and a piece of cardboard.

Clothespins For Planters

Prepare your clothespins, glue, small tin cans, and twine or rope, now. Those materials will help you to create this lovely spot for little planters. You may start by breaking the pins into halves After that glue them around the exterior of the can until the surface is covered. Then, tie a piece of tope around it and finish with a little bow. Then you are done.


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