To upgrade a room decoration, you don’t have to change the wall paint or even change the furniture items. By adding wall art, the room will get a new face. Buying some wall arts are pretty easy. However, you need a wall art that reflects your own character and personality. So, create wall art with your hand is something you should do as soon as possible. Check out our lists below to inspire you!

Hexagon Wall Shelf

Hexagon wall shelf

Don’t throw away your ice cream stick! It can be used for other purposes. In this picture, a creator makes a cool hexagon wall shelf from popsicle sticks. You can try to make it too. Prepare popsicle sticks and glue. Then, create this shelf by arranging the sticks one by one.

Cool Heart Art

Cool heart art

Here is another wall art made of popsicle sticks. The creator arranges the sticks into heart shapes in different colors. Then, those hearts are arranged vertically by hanging them on the wall. Feel free to hang anywhere in your house.

Bold Painting

Bold painting

Look at the painting that stands against the wall in this picture. That is not professional work. The owner creates it with bold colors in a white canvas. No frame needed since it is made to blend with the white wall.

Creative Rope Art

Creative rope art

Give a personal sign in your wall decor by making this creative rope art. Sure, the material used is a rope that shaped well in a term of a sign. Customize the letter as you wish like “good night”, “good morning”, “peace”, and soon.

Natural-Inspired Wall Art

Natural-inspired wall art

Get more inspiration from our natural resources. In this picture, the creator makes a great paper wall in the term of green leaves. You are able to do the same way with other elements like flower, branch, cloud, and even stars.

Recycle Anything

Recycle anything

Be more creative is the key to be a DIY lover. Look at these wall arts that are made of unused things from the kitchen and other rooms. The creator paints them in one tone, blue. So, it blends each other to show a great DIY gallery.

Stunning DIY Wire Letters

Stunning diy wire letter

A wire is flexible to be used for various aims. In this picture, the owner creates stunning wire letters and assemble them on the wall. These letters work well for Scandinavian room decoration. However, you are free to apply them in any room as your desire.

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