Do you love plants? If you only have a small space in your home but wish to see beautiful plants as well, try hanging planters. However, hanging planters are most common and come in a simple shape with a pot and rope. You need to add accents, try new patterns, and install something unique to upgrade your little garden look. In this article, we are going to show you DIY macrame hanging patterns with eye-catching designs. Check out!

Hanging Planter With Beads


Instead of using knots, it will be better for you to use beads to upgrade your hanging planter. Wooden beads look so natural and chic for your house. Moreover, using beads will nice for any room decoration. Then, it is easy to arrange the beads on the string and make it tight well.

Simple Macrame Pattern With A Ring

Look at this cute hanging planter with its green plant. Luckily, creating a simple macrame hanging planter with a ring is not hard. You only need to tie the ring on both sides with a macrame string. Then, the ring becomes the focal interest but not too much.

Modern Looking Plant Holder

Rather than white, black color looks more generous. In this plant holder, we see that the black rope keeps it modern and chic. Further, you can hang the pot on the wall by using a black hook as well. What a simple but attractive hanging planter is this!

DIY Pom Pom Macrame Hanging Planter

See how wonderful this hanging planter is! Look at the pompom with more colors that so cheerful and attractive. Then, the patterns are creative. Having this hanging planter inside your home office nook will give a refreshing spot.

T-Shirt Hanging Planter

Please don’t throw away your old T-shirt! You can repurpose it into a more functional piece. In this picture, we can see a hanging planter with its beautiful green plant that hangs well. Then, do you realize that it is an old T-shirt?

DIY Macrame Planter In Pink

What a cute hanging planter is this! The pink cotton rope adds a sweet tone. Hang this in your bedroom near the window or anywhere you like. We love the pot that looks so glam too.

Wrap The Pot

In this picture, the creator wraps the pot rather than a knot. Wrapping the pot also looks easier and safer. Even a DIY newbie can do it.


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