Beside by its scary atmosphere impression, Halloween has certain fun things that can be created when you have a good preparation on it. One of the preparation is the craft as you can use it as your home decoration. The fun thing in making the craft is that you can do it with your kids so that you can have a good quality time with them and increase your bonding. We do really sure that your kids will excited to do the crafts with you.

When making the crafts, make sure that you do it with the proper designs that won’t compound your kids. Measure your kids ability because when it is too difficult, it won’t be fun for them and your fun activity will turn to something not fun anymore. Besides, you also need to adjust the craft with the materials that are not too difficult to be found and if it is possible, you can ise the unused materials at your home.


This DIY Craft Halloween is easy for your kids. You can do it by using a lollipop that you can buy at stores around your house. It does not get easier than this, wrap a lollipop in a tissue, tie it with festive ribbons, and dot on the eyes with a Sharpie. Could be material for children’s creativity as a form of celebrating the season in October.


This simple creativity craft is easy to make for your kids. To make it or practice directly with your children, you can use items that are not used. Stock up on empty toilet paper rolls, use your First Aid Kit to find some gauze, and buy some glue and google-y eyes from the craft store. And then after you’ve got everything you need you will be ready to make these cute mummies. It also can used to store small items and can be placed on the coffee table as decoration.


DIY Halloween Craft is a little bit complicated, but actually it is simple so that it needs to be accompanied by the parent or teacher for children. This one does look a little more challenges (and does require a needle and thread), but basically it just need simple material. Use your unused sock, cutting a sock, stuffing it with cotton, and sewing at the top. and Then attach unused shirt buttons for eyes, attach little flannelette for nose and sewing white yarn to make cat’s whiskers and mouth. And don’t forget to give a cute ribbon then the stuffed cat from unused socks are done. The results of the craft could be for display in the living room or in your child’s own room.


Everyone loves a Mason jar, do something new with yours by having your kids help paint them with white and drawing the eyes and mouth to make a mason jar ghost. It can be practiced directly by your child at home because it is very easy to make. To make it even more interesting you can add a striped ribbon at the top to add creations to the mason jar.


This handicraft can also be made by your child easily. These simple craft just need orange paper that same with pumpkin color. And then cut into pumpkin shape. Use black flannelette to make eyes and mouth. After that attach on paper with glue and you can make various face characters on it. Don’t forget to add yarn to hang this paper craft in every where you want.


One of this Halloween craft is very easy to make for your kids. No need various items just with candies you can make this craft. Buy some candies that needed and then arrange until it become a Scarecrow. Add a small ribbon to hang your Scarecrow candy and you can hang it in every where you want.


Do you have unused tin can in your house? Turn them into ~spooky~ ghosts with some paint and white streamers. These are so easy to make and you can make it together in one afternoon. You can put it in the front of the house or garden for decoration and to celebrate this season.


This simple handicraft is very easy to make by children, only requires origami paper and then you shape it like a vampire. All you need are some creativity to make it this craft.These corner bookmarks are such an easy and creative way to get the kids more interested in reading.

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The pictures above are just some easy Halloween crafts that may easy enough to be done with your kids. There are may still lot of other possible crafts that you can do. Things that you should consider is that you have to adjust the craft design with your kids bravery so that you won’t make your kids scary or even you will make your crafting activity failed with the too scary ideas.

Since Halloween is still a little bit long, you can prepare your Halloween craft projects from now on so that you can be ready when the Halloween comes. Decide the craft ideas thay you will make and offer it with your kids so that you can make sure that your kids love it. After that prepare for the materials and you’ll be really ready for the projects. Happy crafting!

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