Home furniture that makes itself is not less beautiful than the furniture on display at the property store. Even your house will be more unique and quirky. Here are 8 DIY inspirations for home furnishings.

  1. Decorate the edge of a simple mirror with an egg carton only.


First step, stick the mirror on the board. Make sure you give a little space on the edges to attach the decoration. Then stack up some paper cuts and paste on the edge of the mirror using glue.

  1. Rattan lights not only make the light cooler in the eyes, decorating your home is also more artistic.


Use an inflatable balloon as a mold. Then cover the surface of the balloon with a rattan rope. If the lapel frame is finished, pop the balloon with the needle.

  1. Instead of your used tires idle in the warehouse, magic just so comfortable and pleasing to the seat.


First of all, wash your tires with a brush. Then put a thin wooden board on top of it, then cover the entire surface of the tire with a rope. After that, use oil paint for finishing to make your rattan rope look brighter.

  1. Make DIY table from the aluminum frame will make your house look minimalist at the same time look sweet.


Bring some frames into cubes. To put it together, you can ask for a welder or wire. Then place the wood planks that have been clear glass.

  1. Buy a sofa not only make the contents of your savings dry instantly. If you want to save money, use brick and wood blocks as a replacement.


Place the pile of brick on two pieces. In order not easily unsteady, use cement as glue.

  1. In addition to keeping the grass not easily damaged, giant leafy tiles of cement must make the natural atmosphere in your yard more viscous feel.


Prepare cement batter, water and sand in a tub. Then place large leaves, such as teak leaves in reverse. Then pour the dough on the leaves evenly. Wait until it dries, then the cement mold that leaves the leaf bone ready in place on the page as a foothold.

  1. Wooden bunks can also be made by yourself and make you comfortable.


How, make a rectangular box using a wooden board. Then attach the extra board as the bed frame. Then attach some strong pieces of wood as a base to keep the mattress you put down.

  1. Doormat which made from stone in front of the door.


Buy some black stones and grip liners. Paste the stones neatly using a strong glue on top of the grip liner. Then put your own homemade mat on the doorstep.

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