For women, the accessory is a must-have. They need the last touch of every look by wearing a matched accessory. Nonetheless, some of them like to wear simple but some others love to wear over the accessory. But, that is about taste which complaining is unnecessary to do. If you want to know what kind of accessory that will fit you, so this article will work for your needs.

Talking about the accessory, it is something that handcrafted, means you can create it by yourself. You can combine material and also its shape based on your character and its necessity. For a simple accessory that you can make is a bead necklace. In fact, making this beaded necklace is a very easy project to do. Another simple DIY of accessory is making a bow by using stiff tulle fabric. For other ideas, you can take a look at these pics below.


Gourd bracelet ideas.

Colorful painted wooden bead necklace.

Pearl collar necklace.

Animal headband.

Chic and simple earrings.

Pink flower-shaped hair tie.

Simple leather bow hair tie.


Blue braided bead necklace.

Rope and chain knot necklace.

image source

White pearls to beautify sunglasses.

Unique purple gradation necklace.

Fabric headbands.

A necklace with a cute pink decoration.

Red and sparkling heart-shaped bag.

image source

Beautiful diamond accessories.

Fabric colored ribbons.

Gray and white pom-pom accessories.

image source

Tie hair from colorful beads.

Hair accessories from the white stiff ribbon.

image source


Colorful beads and metal necklace.

Bead necklaces with wool tassel.

An impressive solar system necklace made of beads.

Braided beads bracelet.



leopard pattern necklace

Pearl pendant necklace.

DIY fabric necklace.

Pearl Necklace with a wool tassel.

DIY flower necklace made by waste fabric.

image source

Advanced square knot hemp bracelet.

DIY celtic wide knot hemp bracelet.

DIY hemp bracelet with crystals.

Easy hemp friendship bracelet.

Hemp bracelet instruction.

Hemp bracelet pattern.

Beautiful hemp bracelet.

Hemp bracelets with knots.

Hemp charm bracelet.

Hemp cord bracelets ideas.

Purple hemp bracelet with silver beads.

Bracelet with a small patterned ball.

Bracelet with pearls added.

The simple knot bracelet with button as its ornament.

Rainbow hemp bracelet.

image source

Headbands with good motives.

Hair clips with colorful decorations.

Patterned hair pigtails.

Beautiful white glass and diamond headbands.

Black pigtails in the shape of a bow tie.


Beautiful purple diamond hair pigtails.

image source

Furthermore, there so many ways to creat accessory of your own. And surely, those accessories should be worn based on what occasion you will have. Mix and match it with the outfit you will wear. You can make the accessory by using the color that will fit with other colors such as white, black, beige or gold.

If you make your own accessory means you have your creativity which is based on your taste, so it is no burden from people around or you have the freedom to do it. And also some people said that accessory that someone used will reflect her personality. Since this is handcraft, so you will have good activity in your spare time. Beside this DIY project is less expensive than those are in a shop with similar in shape and material used.

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