Let’s decorate your dorm with some of these ideas below. Make your own wall photo mural to make your room feel much larger without the permanence or cost much of paint or even wallpaper. Line your bookshelves with washi tape that is perfect for temporarily decorating lackluster dorm furniture because when it is removes, it leaves no residue. Build a simple, temporary headboard to make your standard dorm bed look much more luxurious.

Turn your metal wastebasket into a side table; spray paint an inexpensive wastebasket in the color of your choice, flip it upside down and use as a bedside table. Add a cozy canopy to your bed without breaking regulations using command hooks. You can also use your washi tape to make your poster collection look more cohesive and place some potted plants around your space to add a bit of nature. Take a look at these 38 easy and cheap DIY dorm decorations to make below.

Morrocan Dorm Room from theodysseyonline

String Lamp on Dorm Room from themetamorphosis

Wooden Block Shelf from homedecorish

Girl Dorm Room from archzine

Photos Wall Decor from cocondedecoration

College Photos on Wall from theodysseyonline

Dorm Room with Pom Poms from livingroomanddecorating

Beach Themed Dorm Room from theodysseyonline

Moment College Photos from deavita

Storage Under Bed from theodysseyonline

Double Bed Dorm Room from theodysseyonline

Homemade Photo Collage from theodysseyonline

DIY Dorm Room Decor

Tapestry Wall Decor from apikhome

Collage on Bedroom Door

Modern Dorm Room from sawhd

College Photos

Teenage Girl Dorm Room from cassidylucille

Pink Dorm Room Ideas from homeonthecorner

Aesthetic Paper Wall Decor from overthebigmoon

Dorm Room Wall Art from homezideas

Initial Wall Decor from homemydesign

Small Dorm Room from googodecor

Corner String Lamp from homeflish

Gray and Pink Dorm Room from freshouz

Black and White Wall Decor from decorgan

Dorm Room with Tapestry from thetradeboss

Pom Pom Wall Decor from pompomathome

Poster Wall Decoration from zenideen

Collage Photos on Wall from hotbeautyhealth

Canopy in Dorm Room from omghomedecor

Wall Decor Dorm Room from fyeahcooldormrooms

Hanging Pictures on String Ideas from architecturesideas

Cubicle Storage Under Bed from trendedecor

Letter A Wall Decor from hoomdecoration

DIY Wall Decor Dorm Room from trendedecor

Flower Wall Room Decor

Pom Pom Bin from housebeautiful



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