Needing something cute for your Easter celebration this year? You can try the bunny crafts which will give your decoration extra cuteness. Especially, when you can create the bunny crafts by combining them with other cute materials in pretty soft colors. Anyway, although the bunny is identical to the white color, you can apply it in any colors you want without worrying to be weird. That will be ok since the purpose is on how to make something cute. Make the project with your kids to really make the cuteness relates.

Although the purpose of the craft is to make the decoration, but it won’t only about the ornament, you can also make something that has the functional value. For example, you can make the bunny craft in planter or vase form. You can even make them to be the snack container or pencil container. The other awesome idea is to make the paper bag into the bunny form. You can use it to be the gift bag for your guest. Here we have some bunny craft examples with some detail explanations to give you such a clear references. Happy crafting everyone!

Bunny is one of the ornaments that can enhance your Easter decoration. Making bunny crafts at home will be a lot of fun. First you have to prepare a bunny-shaped paper, cotton and glue. Then stick the cotton across the bunny-shaped paper surface with glue, but keep the ears empty to make it look more attractive. Paper and Cotton Bunny from Thebestideasforkids.

Using paper plates to make bunny crafts is a creative and easy idea to do. You can use pink paper to make the ears and pom pom for the mouth. Don’t forget to add eyes and mustache so that your bunny ornament looks real. Paper Plate Bunny from Thebestideasforkids.

DIY Bunny craft made of paper looks simple but still looks cute for an Easter decoration idea. You can make bunny by rolling the paper and arranging it with glue. Don’t forget to paint the face and add faux eyes to make it look more perfect. Paper Bunny Craft from Easypeasyandfun.

Turning a plastic bottle into a cute bunny ornament is an interesting idea. All you need is an old bottle, cutting scissors and some paint tools. First all you have to do is cut the plastic bottle into a bunny shape, then paint the entire surface. Once dry you can paint the face and ears in different colors so that they look better. Plastic Bottle Bunny from Thistinybluehouse.

Bunny ornaments made of egg carton look unique but still simple. Painting it with a different color will bring out a beautiful and attractive look. Adding the paper ear on top and painting the face will make your bunny ornament look real in an easy and cheap way. Egg Carton Bunny from Thistinybluehouse.

Using a pot to load the bunny is a creative idea to complement any Easter decor. You can paint it a different color then make the ears and legs to make a bunny ornament to make it look more real. Sticking black beads for the eyes and pink paper strips for the mouth looks simple but will make your bunny look more flawless. Pots Bunnies Craft from Thistinybluehouse.

Making bunny out of ice cream sticks is an easy and inexpensive way to complement your Easter decor. Painting the sticks in a different color will make them even more attractive. Paint the face and attach the pom poms to make the hands and ears look simple but your bunny will still stand out. Sticks Bunny Craft from Thistinybluehouse.

Using old newspapers to make crafts is an interesting idea. You can cut them into bunny shapes and stick them to the board. After that, you can attach a button that looks like a mouth and white thread as a mustache. Coloring the ears with pink can never go wrong and your bunny ornament is ready to celebrate Easter. Newspaper Bunny from Thistinybluehouse.

You can use a toilet paper roll that is cut into an adorable bunny ornament. After cutting it, you can assemble it into a bunny using glue. And after that you can paint it with a pink and blue color combination so that it will make it look cuter. Toilet Paper Roll from Thistinybluehouse.

Bunny made from ice cream sticks looks very simple and easy to make. You can paint it pink to make it look cuter. Adding felt ears, feet and mouths will make your bunny look cute and adorable. Sticks Bunny Craft from Thistinybluehouse.

Some bunny ornaments made of origami paper look cute but are still easy to make at a low cost. Ornament Bunny with outstretched arms and open mouth will give your Easter decor a cheerful and full of happiness. Origami Bunny Craft from Thistinybluehouse.

Making bunny ornaments from eggs is very easy and cheap but still beautiful. After preparing the eggs you just need to stick the bunny ear shaped paper on top and paint the face. Adding a faux flower crown will bring a beautiful look to your bunny ornament so that it can attract the attention of everyone who sees it. Egg Bunny from Thistinybluehouse.

DIY bunny craft made of paper cups looks cute and creative. Covering the outside with cotton will give it a bunny-like appearance so it looks even better. Adding a pink ribbon on top will enhance the look of your bunny craft making it look more attractive. Paper Cup Bunny from Firstpalette.

Using paper scraps to make bunny crafts looks so easy that you can make them with the kids. Simply glue the paper with glue and string it into a bunny so that it becomes a cute looking ornament in your Easter decoration. Paper Bunnies from Easypeasyandfun.

Decorating a white paper bag into a bunny ornament is an interesting idea so you can use it for Easter decorations at home. You can make the ears and mouth using pink paper and then stick it on the paper bag. Drawing on the eyes with blue marker will make your bunny look more alive. Paper Bag Bunny from Thewaystocreate.

Using a bunny ornament to complement an Easter decor is an idea that will never fail. To save costs, you can make your own using Cardboard Tube. It is enough to cut the tube carton into a bunny shape and make the ears and mouth with paper so that it will become a bunny that looks cute. Cardboard Tube Bunny from Thewaystocreate.

Turning the gift bag into an adorable bunny ornament is an interesting idea. You just need to tie the top of the bunny to form the ears. Then attach the pom pom in the middle which will work as a mouth so your gift bag looks cute with very simple steps. Gift Bag Bunny from Thewaystocreate.

Using a cone-shaped party hat to make a bunny ornament is a creative idea. You just have to stick the ear shaped paper on top and the triangular paper for the bunny nose. Don’t forget to make a mustache and eyes using strips of paper too so that it will look complete. Party Hat Bunny from Thewaystocreate.

Using a bunny ornament to complement an Easter decor is a perfect idea. You can make a bunny using a plastic cup so it will look unique. Using paper to make ears and pipe cleaner for a mustache will make your bunny look cute. Plastic Cup Bunny from Onelittleproject.

Using clothespins to make bunny is an interesting idea. The first thing you have to do is paint the entire surface of the clothes pin white. Then draw facial parts such as eyes, mouth, nose and mustache. Adding women’s colored laces to accessories will make your bunny look really pretty. Clothespins Bunny from Onelittleproject.

DIY Bunny made of curved paper looks simple but still attractive. Adding the paper ear on top will make it pop. Adding colorful pompoms to the ears will make them look attractive. Paper Bunny from Onelittleproject.

Using a spoon to make post crafts is a creative idea. You can make them into a cute and adorable bunny. Adding the eyes, nose and drawing other parts of the face will make your bunny ornament look more beautiful. Bunny Spoon Craft from Onelittleproject.

DIY Bunnies made of colorful plastic eggs will make your Easter decorations even more festive. You can make ears and hands using a pipe cleaner as they are easy to shape. The Pom Poms pinned at the bottom will work as bunny legs so they look perfect. Plastic Egg Bunny from Onelittleproject.

You can combine toilet paper roll and colored paper to make cute, adorable bunny crafts. Using toilet paper as a bunny body will never fail. Then you can use paper for the face. Attaching some ornaments for the eyes, nose and mustache will make your bunny craft look like real. Toilet Paper roll Bunny from Onelittleproject.

Try making bunny crafts to complement your Easter decor to make it look more complete and festive. You can make it using white and pink felt to make it look prettier. Making the nose and mustache by sewing it with black thread will look perfect. Felt Bunny Craft from Skiptomylou.

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